Meaningful Ways to Spice Sex Up

Sex is a wonderul thing. It makes us feel good, and it is one the best arbiters of stress. Long story short, sex is a healthy, natural thing that we all do. A great sex means the habit that which we do makes it better every time; how we do it better is an entirely different story.

Many couples start their relationships strongly with sex being the tie that binds. After all, what kind of relationship it would be if it was lacking in intimacy. The more you engage in sex doing the same things many times over can result to buried resentment or worse, the relationship itself falls apart. If you are having troubles with your sex life, it is about time you do something about it. Read more to get cool ideas to spice sex up.

Let go of your inhibitions. Reinvent yourself first.

Unfortunately, many couples suffer from sex that has gone stale. It is a case of a “sex was great, so yeah” scenario. But honestly, this can be worked out. Start with yourself. You can do the most intense sexual things you have been wanting to do and do not let this chance pass up.

Use your feminine wiles NOW!

A sullen mood can take over you so do not allow that to happen. Spicing sex up can be downright easy. Oh yes it is, you just haven’t the time to use your skills yet. Now is the time and you had better be good at turning on the charm at your lover who is just 10 feet away from you. Eye contact, flirting a little with him, and the occasional ‘accidental brush of your hand on his groin”… are a few simple things you can do that will greatly impact him all day. And he will never forget that.

Tease, tease, and more tease.

Admit it, you enjoy it immensely whenever  your beau gets pleased as you tease him. You are already doing great on that. Whether the two of your are having breakfast together, watching TV or just strolling about in the car, putting a hand casually on his thigh can lead to something steamy and intense. Let your fingers caress him, gently, going to that one bodily part that you want to excite. Gentle, firm strokes can be explosive at the end. Quite an excellent job, if you did.

That quick AND easy thing, any time of the day.

Studies show that creativity and spontaneity in sex helps in spicing sex up resulting in decreased stress levels, a good night’s sleep, and a deep, closer bond with your man. While many truly believe, in general, that sex itself is enough to achieve closeness with a siginicant other, applying ideas — naughty, lusty ones — does help in improving sex. Take a shower together, press the back of your body against him, making sure your butt is right on the spot against his member. Grind slowly, grab his hands and put them on your hips for support as he thrusts. Men love it this way holding a woman’s hips brings out the caveman in him. Allow that experience to happen, all raw and intense, making sex completely different from the other night ago.