It’s almost the weekend and you miss him. The two of you made no plans to be together in a couple days, but a little sneaky voice inside your head is concocting a plan on making him miss and want you more and more each day.

Sounds easy, does it not? Various sexy time scenes come running forth in your mind… and you clearly remember the first time you heard him moan softly the moment your fingers glided on his naked belly.

That, girl, is just one of weakest spots. In fact you did that same ritual many, many times and you know deeply that there is more on his body that you need to explore further. For you, it is such a pleasure to hear him respond that way. It is such a joyous feat to have your man feeling appeciated, wanted, AND loved.

Men, by default, are simple beings: they know what they want and are not afraid to their woman know about it. But sometimes knowing a bit too much from them leads to a routine which can become boring.

An autoresponse from you makes predictability hard to bear. Sex becomes bland. No man or woman would want that.

Here is a little, but heavy note though: a bit of variety will most certainly help you more in driving him wild in bed.

How else can you achieve the kind of pleasure only you and your man can ever know? There are a myriad of proven ways in doing so, so read on the best parts on how to drive a man wild in bed.

Feign mystery

Ok, that may sound a bit of a clichĂ©, but it is something deeply personal. And it really works. As human beings we tend to go after what we cannot have — an ages old axiom that is literally true for men. Tease your man, be quite the vixen. Show your lover that hidden side of you; he will be taken by surprise.

Match his alpha instincts

Take his hands and slowly guide them to your breasts. Just reaaaaal slow. Look deep into his eyes, and give him a half-smile. Say little, but act as though you own the moment, as though you own HIM. Men quite get turned on by seeing their woman take charge of tbem in bed, and that is one of the subtle ways of driving him wild in bed.

Be responsive to his advances

Responses to physical intimacy are not limited, and they can range from verbal, or simply being silent all throughout, feeling everything. Either way, an intellectual lover’s defenses quickly melt with a verbal match. Tell him coquettishly how enormous his manhood is. Appeal to his raw side by whispering in his ear, with a flicker of the tip of your tongue as you do so. He is the type that equates lust and desire to words, and a series of cerebral expressions of love drives him really, really wild. On the other hand, the quiet type is simply content with just feeling. Use your senses; press your heaving chest against his, a bit of gently rubbing your nipples with his fingers. Explore your ‘territory’with your mouth while stroking his hardness.

Be creative, step out of your comfort zone to drive him crazy. It will be the best sex he has ever had and all worth it, trust yourself on this.