Going South: On the Road to Oral Pleasure

Pleasing her sexually ain’t that difficult. You have done it plenty of times on certain occasions… oh, and last night. But lately  you have been asking yourself whether she really, truly enjoys it. Or those loud screams were actually fake during climax. Basically, if you licked her real good, you’d know. If it was, erm, a sloppy task… well. Was she being grumpy and made you stop? If there was any case like this in your sex life, there is still time to revamp things, my friend. About time you reinvent your personal manifesto of oral techniques to drive her crazy.

Women sometimes prefer to say nothing during sex. No matter how much tongue-plowing you do to your S.O., not getting it right can be frustrating for her.

You, kind sir, must understand that…

The female species tend to respond in emotional situations with their feelings. While this is really so, a dashing gentleman such as you, need to understand that women are quite good in expressing their emotions, even in sex. No matter how god awful the day had been, or how hideous she had been feeling (note the word “feeling” for further guidance!), being receptive and responsive to their needs is utterly important to them. Sure, you cannot expect them to articulate their wants and needs pronto but a simple initiation from you can go a looong way indeed.

Try doing these simple oral techniques to drive her crazy.

Set the tone and mood. A shift in foreplay can do wonders, too. She will feel very special and in your eyes (and hands), it’s just the way she wants to be.

Tease her body with kisses that almost touch her skin. The nape of the neck below her blonde or any coloured hair. Ambidextrity is required at this point, one hand caressing the smoothness of her hips; fingers from your other hand playfully tugging her undies downward. Do that, but in no rush.

Create a tension slowly by licking-kissing her breasts down to her belly can make her damn feverish. Try not to remove her undies yet. Tease it by another series of slow kisses, having your tongue glide on the edges. Prop her legs onto your shoulders and gently bite her inner thighs. That is a sensitive spot for them and going up, around the belly button too.

Pause and gently tell her that you are going to go deep. Asking her would be fine, but telling her flat out of what you intend to do next will have her mind spinning of wild anticipation. That way you send a message to her that she is yours. Most women want that.

Once you get rid of her undies, this is where your creativity begins. Plow her moistness real slow; create a bit of a tension again by letting your tongue glide on her wetness. Then focus on her clit, knead her hips or thighs. Look out for how she will respond. Deep moans and pulling your hair are good indicators that you are getting it right. Moan with her.  Occasional statements of desire and lust can add fuel to the fire too, and once she reaches orgasm, that pretty much says how successful your oral techniques are.