How To Find The Right Escort For You in London

Where to Book The Best Escorts in The Capital

If you’re looking for a beautiful escort to keep you company, then follow our five pieces of advice for a great evening.

Want to hook up with the woman of your dreams this summer? Then why not hire an escort? You will be able to take your pick from some truly gorgeous girls, as London is home to some amazing escorts. It can be difficult to know where to start looking though. Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about finding the perfect companion – including where to book the best escorts in London.

Choose a good agency

The first thing that you should do is find the best escort agency in the city. Luckily for you, we know just the agency! Babes of London have established themselves as the escort provider that men in the capital trust, and it’s clear to see why. They are totally transparent and will answer any questions that you may have. They are very discreet too and will safeguard all of the intimate details of your appointment.

Look at the photographs

The next thing on the agenda is to take a good look at the pictures on an agency’s website. Babes of London have a wide range of gorgeous pictures for you to look at, and you can be sure that they are of the real deal. They never lure in clients with fake photographs – who you see online will be who you spend the evening with. They are also not retouched, so you can be sure that your escort will be just as gorgeous in the flesh.

Do some research

You’ll need to make sure that you pick an escort you’re really going to click with. If you explore an escort’s profile, you will be able to find out a lot more about her. Information such as her vital statistics and the languages that she speaks will be there for you to see, so that you can make an informed decision before you book. You’ll also be able to discover what kind of appointments she provides – such as a GFE, party girl or kinky service.

Plan your appointment

Incall or outcall? That’s one of the most important decisions that you will have to make before you book an escort. An incall appointment is when you go to visit your escort – many men prefer this if they’re worried about neighbours or fellow London hotel guests seeing them. An outcall appointment is when an escort comes to visit you. This could be anywhere from your home or hotel to meeting at a London rooftop bar.

Ask some questions

When it comes to finding the perfect escort for you, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you book with a reputable escort agency like Babes of London, they will be on hand to answer any questions that you have about any of their escorts. They want you to go into your appointment feeling happy, relaxed and confident – and will give you all of the information that you need to do so.

Book yours today!

Ready to find the perfect escort for you? Take a look at who’s available at Babes of London tonight, and then give them a call to secure the escort of your choice. Prompt booking is recommended, as these escorts are some of the most popular in the capital!

Going South: On the Road to Oral Pleasure

Pleasing her sexually ain’t that difficult. You have done it plenty of times on certain occasions… oh, and last night. But lately  you have been asking yourself whether she really, truly enjoys it. Or those loud screams were actually fake during climax. Basically, if you licked her real good, you’d know. If it was, erm, a sloppy task… well. Was she being grumpy and made you stop? If there was any case like this in your sex life, there is still time to revamp things, my friend. About time you reinvent your personal manifesto of oral techniques to drive her crazy.

Women sometimes prefer to say nothing during sex. No matter how much tongue-plowing you do to your S.O., not getting it right can be frustrating for her.

You, kind sir, must understand that…

The female species tend to respond in emotional situations with their feelings. While this is really so, a dashing gentleman such as you, need to understand that women are quite good in expressing their emotions, even in sex. No matter how god awful the day had been, or how hideous she had been feeling (note the word “feeling” for further guidance!), being receptive and responsive to their needs is utterly important to them. Sure, you cannot expect them to articulate their wants and needs pronto but a simple initiation from you can go a looong way indeed.

Try doing these simple oral techniques to drive her crazy.

Set the tone and mood. A shift in foreplay can do wonders, too. She will feel very special and in your eyes (and hands), it’s just the way she wants to be.

Tease her body with kisses that almost touch her skin. The nape of the neck below her blonde or any coloured hair. Ambidextrity is required at this point, one hand caressing the smoothness of her hips; fingers from your other hand playfully tugging her undies downward. Do that, but in no rush.

Create a tension slowly by licking-kissing her breasts down to her belly can make her damn feverish. Try not to remove her undies yet. Tease it by another series of slow kisses, having your tongue glide on the edges. Prop her legs onto your shoulders and gently bite her inner thighs. That is a sensitive spot for them and going up, around the belly button too.

Pause and gently tell her that you are going to go deep. Asking her would be fine, but telling her flat out of what you intend to do next will have her mind spinning of wild anticipation. That way you send a message to her that she is yours. Most women want that.

Once you get rid of her undies, this is where your creativity begins. Plow her moistness real slow; create a bit of a tension again by letting your tongue glide on her wetness. Then focus on her clit, knead her hips or thighs. Look out for how she will respond. Deep moans and pulling your hair are good indicators that you are getting it right. Moan with her.  Occasional statements of desire and lust can add fuel to the fire too, and once she reaches orgasm, that pretty much says how successful your oral techniques are.

Meaningful Ways to Spice Sex Up

Sex is a wonderul thing. It makes us feel good, and it is one the best arbiters of stress. Long story short, sex is a healthy, natural thing that we all do. A great sex means the habit that which we do makes it better every time; how we do it better is an entirely different story.

Many couples start their relationships strongly with sex being the tie that binds. After all, what kind of relationship it would be if it was lacking in intimacy. The more you engage in sex doing the same things many times over can result to buried resentment or worse, the relationship itself falls apart. If you are having troubles with your sex life, it is about time you do something about it. Read more to get cool ideas to spice sex up.

Let go of your inhibitions. Reinvent yourself first.

Unfortunately, many couples suffer from sex that has gone stale. It is a case of a “sex was great, so yeah” scenario. But honestly, this can be worked out. Start with yourself. You can do the most intense sexual things you have been wanting to do and do not let this chance pass up.

Use your feminine wiles NOW!

A sullen mood can take over you so do not allow that to happen. Spicing sex up can be downright easy. Oh yes it is, you just haven’t the time to use your skills yet. Now is the time and you had better be good at turning on the charm at your lover who is just 10 feet away from you. Eye contact, flirting a little with him, and the occasional ‘accidental brush of your hand on his groin”… are a few simple things you can do that will greatly impact him all day. And he will never forget that.

Tease, tease, and more tease.

Admit it, you enjoy it immensely whenever  your beau gets pleased as you tease him. You are already doing great on that. Whether the two of your are having breakfast together, watching TV or just strolling about in the car, putting a hand casually on his thigh can lead to something steamy and intense. Let your fingers caress him, gently, going to that one bodily part that you want to excite. Gentle, firm strokes can be explosive at the end. Quite an excellent job, if you did.

That quick AND easy thing, any time of the day.

Studies show that creativity and spontaneity in sex helps in spicing sex up resulting in decreased stress levels, a good night’s sleep, and a deep, closer bond with your man. While many truly believe, in general, that sex itself is enough to achieve closeness with a siginicant other, applying ideas — naughty, lusty ones — does help in improving sex. Take a shower together, press the back of your body against him, making sure your butt is right on the spot against his member. Grind slowly, grab his hands and put them on your hips for support as he thrusts. Men love it this way holding a woman’s hips brings out the caveman in him. Allow that experience to happen, all raw and intense, making sex completely different from the other night ago.


It’s almost the weekend and you miss him. The two of you made no plans to be together in a couple days, but a little sneaky voice inside your head is concocting a plan on making him miss and want you more and more each day.

Sounds easy, does it not? Various sexy time scenes come running forth in your mind… and you clearly remember the first time you heard him moan softly the moment your fingers glided on his naked belly.

That, girl, is just one of weakest spots. In fact you did that same ritual many, many times and you know deeply that there is more on his body that you need to explore further. For you, it is such a pleasure to hear him respond that way. It is such a joyous feat to have your man feeling appeciated, wanted, AND loved.

Men, by default, are simple beings: they know what they want and are not afraid to their woman know about it. But sometimes knowing a bit too much from them leads to a routine which can become boring.

An autoresponse from you makes predictability hard to bear. Sex becomes bland. No man or woman would want that.

Here is a little, but heavy note though: a bit of variety will most certainly help you more in driving him wild in bed.

How else can you achieve the kind of pleasure only you and your man can ever know? There are a myriad of proven ways in doing so, so read on the best parts on how to drive a man wild in bed.

Feign mystery

Ok, that may sound a bit of a cliché, but it is something deeply personal. And it really works. As human beings we tend to go after what we cannot have — an ages old axiom that is literally true for men. Tease your man, be quite the vixen. Show your lover that hidden side of you; he will be taken by surprise.

Match his alpha instincts

Take his hands and slowly guide them to your breasts. Just reaaaaal slow. Look deep into his eyes, and give him a half-smile. Say little, but act as though you own the moment, as though you own HIM. Men quite get turned on by seeing their woman take charge of tbem in bed, and that is one of the subtle ways of driving him wild in bed.

Be responsive to his advances

Responses to physical intimacy are not limited, and they can range from verbal, or simply being silent all throughout, feeling everything. Either way, an intellectual lover’s defenses quickly melt with a verbal match. Tell him coquettishly how enormous his manhood is. Appeal to his raw side by whispering in his ear, with a flicker of the tip of your tongue as you do so. He is the type that equates lust and desire to words, and a series of cerebral expressions of love drives him really, really wild. On the other hand, the quiet type is simply content with just feeling. Use your senses; press your heaving chest against his, a bit of gently rubbing your nipples with his fingers. Explore your ‘territory’with your mouth while stroking his hardness.

Be creative, step out of your comfort zone to drive him crazy. It will be the best sex he has ever had and all worth it, trust yourself on this.